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                Zhejiang Dayang Biotech Group Co., Ltd

                It is national high-tech enterprise, national “contract-honoring and credit-respecting enterprise”,
                Zhejiang patent demonstration enterprise, and Zhejiang green enterprise.

                Research Platform
                Home > Technological innovation > Research Platform

                The group company has established Zhejiang Dayang Technology Potassium Salt Enterprise Research Institute, Dayang Nanomaterials Provincial High-tech Research and Development Center, Provincial Enterprise Technology Center and Postdoctoral Workstation. As the technology platform for the company's development, the R&D institutions mainly focus on the company's development planning and innovation strategy. Targeting the international market and the international technology frontier, keeping a close eye on the current and looking to the future, serving the company's sustainable development and exploring the international market. Focus on research and development of product chain, product value added, energy saving and product green production process. 

                At the same time, the company cooperated with Zhejiang University and other units to build a research and development center. The school-enterprise marriage realized the complementary advantages and formed a system of "independent R&D and joint development", and jointly cultivated and introduced senior talents and projects to optimize the R&D team. The R&D personnel are well-structured, with senior titles (including doctors) as the leader, engineers (including masters, bachelors and senior experimenters) as the mainstay, equipped with analytical testing and pilot technicians. 

                In 2009, the 4200m2 R&D building was built, supporting more than 30 million yuan of research assets (original value), 10-5000 liters of self-chemical fermentation pilot system, interval ion exchange and continuous ion exchange system, and four-effect heat pumping Membrane DC continuous crystallization evaporation system (with DCS control system), three-effect and three-effect continuous evaporation crystallization potassium bicarbonate evaporation pilot system, evaporative condensate purification pilot system, by-product potassium-containing solid waste pilot application system, ceramic membrane And ultrafiltration nanofiltration membrane purification device, inorganic vaporization membrane dehydration device, centrifugal spray drying, 1000 tons of waste oil preparation bio-aviation fuel production equipment, multi-functional waterborne coating pilot platform and fine chemical wastewater treatment and other pilot tests Device. 

                At the same time, the company's research and development institutions are equipped with complete analytical instruments, MESUTRONIC metal detectors, microcomputer metal detectors, digital melting point analyzers, X-ray machines, automatic moisture meters, digital automatic polarimeter, automatic sugar analyzers, gas chromatography, High-performance liquid chromatography, gene amplification instrument, light flame spectrophotometer, atomic absorption spectrometer, multi-functional micro-automatic measurement analyzer, automatic digital imager, fluorescence microscope and high-speed refrigerated centrifuge, and other large-scale analysis and testing instruments, complete infrastructure. 

                Construction of R&D institutions of the group company:
                1), Dayang Nanomaterials Provincial High-tech Research and Development Center (approved by the Provincial Science and Technology Department in 2003); 
                2) Zhejiang Dahua Zhejiang University Biopharmaceutical Research and Development Center (2008, Zhejiang University, Co-construction); 
                3) Bio-aviation pilot test platform from Waste oil production (2014, Boeing, COMAC, Hangzhou Energy Engineering Co., Ltd., Co-construction); 
                4) Zhejiang Dayan Technology Potassium Salt Research Institute (2015, approved by Zhejiang Science and Technology Department) ; 
                5), Zhejiang Province enterprise Technology Center (2017, Zhejiang Economic and Information Commission project); 
                6), Zhejiang Province postdoctoral workstation (2017, approved by Zhejiang Province human Resources and social Department); 
                7), multi-functional water-based coating application development experiment Room (2018, Zhejiang University, cooperation);

                Address: No. 22 Chaoyang Road, Dayang Town, Jiande City, Zhejiang Province, China. E-mail:sale@dyhg.com
                Tel: 0086-571-64156812,64156011,64156179,64156088,58317120 Fax: 0086-571-64156010, 64156120
                Copyright (C) 2018,Zhejiang Dayang Biotech Group Co., Ltd.?All Rights Reserved.Supported by?ChemNet?ChinaChemNet?Toocle

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