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                Zhejiang Dayang Biotech Group Co., Ltd

                It is national high-tech enterprise, national “contract-honoring and credit-respecting enterprise”,
                Zhejiang patent demonstration enterprise, and Zhejiang green enterprise.

                Research Overview
                Home > Technological innovation > Research overview

                The company pays attention to scientific and technological innovation, establishes a complete three-level (group company, subsidiary and production workshop) research and development system, fully mobilizes the enthusiasm from the group to the subsidiaries, production workshops, all levels of participation and investment in research and development, and effectively solves the problem of technological innovation's disconnection from production and marketing, and then enables the R&D work to meet the needs of the Group's short, medium and long-term development.

                Dayang has undertaken more than 10 national, provincial and ministerial-level science and technology projects including national key new drug creation projects, 863 programs and the National Torch Program. The subject of "pre-clinical research on anti-tumor innovative drug trichodermin" was included in the national major new drug creation project and passed acceptance; "research and development and industrialization of endophytic fungus bio-bactericid " was included in the national "Twelfth Five-Year" rural area national technology plan, "Anticoccidial drug Amprolium hydrochloride clean production industrialization demonstration project" is included in the National Torch Program; thus we have strong product research and development capabilities.

                Dayang has successfully developed more than 10 provincial-level new products such as food grade potassium bicarbonate, pesticide grade potassium carbonate, potassium carbonate ultrafine powder, food grade potassium chloride, feed grade ammonium chloride, granule Amprolium hydrochloride, feed additive Enramycin, 2-chloro-6-fluorobenzyl chloride, 2-chloro-6-fluorobenzoic acid, 2-chloro-6-fluorobenzaldehyde, hemiacetal and anisole; our ion exchange low temperature self-carbonization to produce potassium carbonate and anticoccidial drug Amprolium hydrochloride was included in the National Torch Program. The completion of these projects further enhances our overall technical level, provides technical support for transformation and upgrading of our company, and also creates good economic and social benefits. All our core products form their independent intellectual property rights.

                Dayang has won the third prize of Zhejiang Technology Invention Award, the second prize of Hangzhou Science and Technology Progress Award, the Hangzhou Natural Science Excellent Academic Achievement Award, and the Jiande Natural Science Excellent Academic Achievement Award for many times; we have published more than 30 papers in core academic journals such as fungal biology, Journal of Fungal Science and Journal of Microbiology, and applied 49 patents, and 45 of them have been granted national invention patents. The R&D center of the group company has successively won the honorary titles of Jiande City Worker Pioneer, Hangzhou Worker Pioneer and Hangzhou Worker Innovation Studio.

                Address: No. 22 Chaoyang Road, Dayang Town, Jiande City, Zhejiang Province, China. E-mail:sale@dyhg.com
                Tel: 0086-571-64156812,64156011,64156179,64156088,58317120 Fax: 0086-571-64156010, 64156120
                Copyright (C) 2018,Zhejiang Dayang Biotech Group Co., Ltd.?All Rights Reserved.Supported by?ChemNet?ChinaChemNet?Toocle

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